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We’re committed to community air quality monitoring in your neighborhood to prevent widespread health problems.

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We’re partnering with Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (RACCE) to monitor air quality around local schools and to give residents access to information that will spark change. RACCE is dedicated to improving the public education system in Waterbury, CT but students can’t learn if they can’t breathe clean air. RACCE is leading a unique, resident-led project to track air quality data when students walk to school or wait at the bus stop by attaching portable air quality monitors to their backpacks. RACCE is using the new community-owned data to address air pollution and use culturally responsive strategies to increase environmental health literacy, and apply an anti-racist framework to better analyze data and establish community-centered solutions to air pollution.

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Air monitoring data influences positive change and individual decision making to protect your health. Track the air quality in your community through our network of air monitors.

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