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We're partnering with  environmental justice groups, neighborhood associations and corporate partners to expand the air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across Detroit.

Detroit residents suffer from some of the worst air in the country but grassroots environmental justice groups are organized and work closely with policymakers to monitor air and implement change. Leading coalitions, like the Michigan Environmental Justice Council, are using JustAir data to advocate for the change Detroit residents deserve.

New Monitors Live in Detroit's TIZ

Air quality monitors are now live in Detroit's Transportation Innovation Zone (TIZ). This project in collaboration with three resident associations - Hubbard Richard, North Corktown and Corktown - and corporate supporters Newlab and Michigan Central. At the December 2023 community workshop, residents helped identify locations for the area's six new air quality monitors, which are now live on the JustAir dashboard. Residents can also sign up for real-time air quality text alerts here by selecting TIZ in the Select an Organization dropdown.

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Track the air quality in your community through our network of air monitors. If you'd like to access monitors' historic data, reach out to

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Our partners across the country are using JustAir to keep residents safe and create change.

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