Our Work

JustAir is dedicated to providing local air pollution monitoring solutions and bringing transparency into the disparities of air quality among communities. We strive to ensure clean, healthy air for everyone so they can live life to its fullest.

Our Projects

Where we are making a difference

Through partnerships with several cities across the United States, we have taken important steps to help local communities by giving them insight into the air they breathe.

Grand Rapids

We’re working with the City of Grand Rapids and local environmental justice leaders to expand the air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across the city.

Wayne County

We’re partnering with County health officials, local activists, and health research partners to implement a county-wide air quality monitoring network, keeping residents in 42 communities safer.

Our Projects

Receive Air Quality Alerts in Your City

Stay informed about the air quality in your city. Get timely alerts about air pollution in your area and compare air quality across different communities. Our local air pollution monitoring solutions bring transparency to disparities of air quality in different cities.

Cleaner Air Starts With You

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