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Breathing Clean Air is Essential to a Healthy Life…

Decrease the rate of premature deaths
Reduce the risk of chronic illness and a myriad of pulmonary diseases
Reduce the risk of mental health disorders and impaired cognitive development

…but not all air is created equal


Annual estimated cost of air pollution in the US


McCarthy, Niall. “Report: Air Pollution from Burning Fossil Fuels Cost the Global Economy $3 Trillion in 2018.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 12 Feb. 2020,

The Need for Neighborhood-Level Air Quality Monitoring

“Air pollution can be as much as eight times higher at one of end of a city block than another.”

- Environmental Defense Fund
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Very Unhealthy

What We Do


Locate sources of pollutants and air quality disparities


Monitor the air we breathe at a neighborhood-level


Observe the activity and trends that drive air quality

Our mission

We aim to be a generational community partner to help establish a world where no matter what neighborhood someone is born in, they have access to breathing clean air.

Become an Administrator, Become a Changemaker

Partner with JustAir and discover the insights necessary to effectively identify air quality disparities and develop solutions to create a better breathing environment for all.


Learn about the sensors and monitoring networks that collect air quality data for the public.


Access information about air quality and health disparities in your city and community.


Sign up to get air quality alerts about your breathing environment. 


Download insights reports with air quality data regarding trends and disparities. 

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What they’re saying
Proactive Care in Grand Rapids

“JustAir's focus on protecting the quality of the air we breathe is an example of how we can ensure an equitable living environment through meaningful community collaboration and technology.” - 

- Mayor Rosalynn Bliss

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About Us

We exist to protect the 20,000 breaths a person takes a day, where the ones quality of life is largely determined by where those breaths are taken. Unfortunately for many underserved communities who are often overexposed to heavy trucking traffic and industrial activity, those 20,000 breaths a day tend to work against their wellbeing.

JustAir was founded with the belief that no matter what community one is born into it is their right to a life of breathing clean air. We are committed to the communities that we monitor, and unlike other air quality monitoring alternatives, we aim to be a generational partner to support generational improvements of the air we breathe.

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Let’s bring greater transparency to the air we breathe.
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