Air Quality Transparency for Healthier Communities

JustAir’s air quality monitoring platform gives you access to real-time information about the air you breathe. Our tools help your community stay safe and track data that can create change.

Create the Change Your Community Deserves

No one should have to wonder whether the air they breath is safe for them and their loved ones. At JustAir we help people like you by providing vital health and environmental insights through our air quality monitoring network. Residents can breathe easier, and policymakers can implement targeted interventions for a cleaner, safer environment.

Our Solution

The Community Air Quality Platform

JustAir provides neighborhood-level mapping, monitoring and visualizing to keep people safe and drive community action.

Our Process

How it works

With JustAir, your voice and your data become catalysts for change. Together, we can make a difference in the quality of the air you breathe.

Understanding Your Needs

We work side-by-side with local leaders to understand your community’s air quality concerns and history of environmental justice. Many communities have been fighting for cleaner air for years and we strive to connect with key players, past wins, and your community’s vision of success. Your voice is the starting point for change.

Monitoring Your Air

If you already have air quality monitors or if we bring high-quality monitors to your community, we connect everything to our publicly accessible data dashboard. Residents can sign up for real-time safety text alerts, view air quality index readings for nearby monitors, and easily track pollutants, trends, and problem areas. 

Empowering You with Data

With JustAir, communities are armed with undeniable air quality data. Local leaders can use this knowledge to keep people safe , you can engage with local authorities, spark conversations, and work together to create policies that make the air you breathe safer for you and your community.

Our Projects

Discover how we're making a difference, one city at a time

See how we empower residents with air quality data that creates lasting change.

Grand Rapids

We’re partnering with the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4), and the NAACP of Greater Grand Rapids to expand the air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across the city.


We're partnering with  environmental justice groups, neighborhood associations and corporate partners to expand the air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across Detroit.

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