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We’re partnering with the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4), and the NAACP of Greater Grand Rapids to expand the air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across the city.

JustAir is collaborating with local partners to engage, educate, and activate residents across the city. Since spring of 2023, we've engaged more than 100 residents to determine where air quality monitors should be located and to ensure people have access to air quality data that can keep them safe. See what air quality monitors are measuring in Grand Rapids right now.

Focusing on the 49507 ZIP Code

Grand Rapids' 49507 ZIP code is one of the city’s most diverse communities, with the majority of residents identifying as Black or Hispanic. People of color are more likely to live in communities with poor air quality, which is why it’s especially important to give residents  access to the data they need. We're working closely with Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4) to ensure residents, organizers, and policymakers have the data they need to take action and protect the air we breathe.

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Air monitoring data influences positive change and individual decision making to protect your health. Track the air quality in your community through our network of air monitors.

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Our partners across the country are using JustAir to keep residents safe and create change.

“I’m happy to help bring JustAir to Grand Rapids because clean air is so important to our health. My wife teaches at a school on a heavy truck route that’s near an energy plant and a highway. She and the kids deserve to know if the air they are breathing is safe. JustAir provides the community with that data and, when informed, they can take air quality action!”

Ned Andree
Community Collaboration on Climate Change

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