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We’re partnering with Wayne County's Department of Health, Human & Veteran Services to launch an air quality monitoring network to residents and community groups across the region.

Wayne County has some of the highest rates of asthma in Michigan, which can make the impact of poor air quality even more dangerous. The Wayne County Community Air Quality Project is focused on gathering accurate, comprehensive , real time data on air quality throughout Wayne County’s 42 communities - ultimately giving residents and decision makers critical information needed to create cleaner, safer air for all. The project will take be implemented over three years, from August 2023 through December 2026:

Phase 1: Research, engagement, and planning will take place through 2023.

Phase 2: Monitor deployment and project execution will begin in early 2024.

Phase 3: Ongoing monitoring and reporting will occur through December of 2026.We're just getting started on the project but residents can sign up here to stay informed.

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Track the air quality in your community through our network of air monitors. If you'd like to access monitors' historic data, reach out to info@justair.co.

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Our partners across the country are using JustAir to keep residents safe and create change.

“Air pollution poses a major health risk globally. Here in Wayne County, we’re doing something about it. We’re taking the steps needed today to prevent the devastating effects tomorrow.”

Warren C. Evans
Wayne County Executive

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