Donate to an Environmental Justice Organization This Giving Tuesday

Use your year-end gifts to support environmental justice partners fighting for clean air and a better world.

We are honored to collaborate with environmental justice leaders who work every day to create a cleaner, healthier, and more just world. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage our network to contribute to these efforts. Your year-end donation can directly contribute to community-led efforts allowing individuals to safeguard their environment and create the change they deserve. 

If you’re still looking for organizations to make your Giving Tuesday gifts, here is a list of effective, community-led, environmental justice organizations we are proud to call our partners:

  • Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4) - C4 is a facilitator and mediator of partnerships, education and consensus building, creating space for a robust climate justice movement in Grand Rapids, MI. C4 envisions a world where Black, Indigenous and People of Color and historically white environmental organizations will dismantle extractive systems and build new systems to address climate change – centered in human wellbeing, the interconnectedness of life, and access to shared leadership. Donate here
  • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (DWEJ) - DWEJ unites Detroiters to work on local environmental and public health issues. Lead by a team of activists, organizers and artists, the organization uses innovative community and policy action that values all people to create change. Donate here.
  • Eastside Community Network (ECN) - For nearly 40 years, ECN has led positive transformations on the east side of Detroit.  The organization develops programs and resources that center the needs of east side residents and amplify their voices with respect to the development of their communities. Donate here.
  • Ecology Center - Founded in 1970 in Ann Arbor, MI after the first Earth Day, the Ecology Center exists to protect healthy people and a healthy planet. Leaders believe that people can thrive without destroying the world and leads collaborative, community-centered initiatives to advance a more sustainable future. Donate here.
  • Greater Grand Rapids NAACP - The Greater Grand Rapids NAACP is part of the world wide network of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Grand Rapids chapter strives to build a better system in which all citizens have equal access to political, economic, educational, and social resources. Grand Rapids NAACP is an active leader in the community’s environmental justice and climate resistance efforts, making strides to reduce the adverse effects of racial discrimination in Grand Rapids. Donate here.
  • Green Door Initiative - Green Door Initiative’s mission is that all people are capable of promoting and living out a sustainable lifestyle, regardless of race, income and ZIP code. By facilitating the revitalization, rebuilding, and restoring of neighborhoods - particularly in low-income and underserved areas - leaders aim to achieve environmental and economic justice for all. Donate here.
  • Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition (MEJC) - MEJC works to achieve a clean, healthy, and safe environmental for Michigan residents most affected by inadequate policies. The collaborative of 13+ environmental-focused organizations takes a multi-faceted approach to systems change by aligning on intersectional goals with statewide power-building organizations and small grassroots groups for policy change and disruption. Donate here.
  • Planet Detroit - Planet Detroit is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to producing quality climate, equity, health, and environmental journalism. The organization focusses on showcasing stories that center on grassroots voices, holding power accountable, and being solution-oriented. Donate here.
  • Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (RACCE) - RACCE challenge systems of oppression by advocating for culturally competent educational practices in Waterbury, CT. RACCE leaders lead efforts alongside students to create police-free schools, allocate school funding to benefit students, and monitor air quality in neighborhoods and school communities across the city. Donate here.
  • Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) - SDEV works to improve the environment and strengthen the economy of Southwest Detroit through the collective action of residents, community groups, government, and industry. SDEV leads efforts to improve air quality, stop blight, and improve urban land use that is great for residents and the environment. Donate here.

Sarah Craft
November 24, 2023
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